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[modifier] THE EXPOSITIONS translation (12/11/09 Version) I thank my friend Alan Calavano of Minnesota (USA) for his help with the English Alan He is also a collector of the Exposition of 1900. Alan was assisted by his friends Bob, Brigitte and Peter.

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I make a point of thanking this dear Arnaud for his assistance and friendship without faults.

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Born in Paris and from a family of coal merchants who became restaurateurs, I spent my school vacations at my grandparent's house in Chassing in l’Aisne (French district). My grandfather had in his home office, which was also the library, some old books full of images. I remember this large, illustrated Larousse (French dictionary) where at the beginning of each new letter heading, a half page was reserved for an illustration of an object (animal, seedling, etc.) starting with that letter. I spent hours in this book.
There were also the Illustrations in binders. The very large and heavy books I did not understand very well because all was there in the greatest disorder. It took me years to understand that they were bound magazines. How to imagine that l' one can connect a magazine when one meets only of Paris Match, It or Mickey in the doctor! In these magazines there were articles about the expositions. There were pavilions and exhibits from everywhere in France and also from other countries. Big or small they all had something in common: according to the author, they where all fantastic and representative of the best things you could find around the globe.
I was fascinated by these pavilions which, according to my grandfather, were there for only a few months. Then came the time of postcards and my collection ...
If you have a few minute left, visit this section including postcards from expositions other than those shown above